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Everything went black. I had a good time during the trip. I don't care. She still depends on her parents. What a let-down! Be quiet while I am speaking. Tom hasn't finished all his homework yet. When does it arrive? It doesn't hurt. My daughter has grown out of all her old clothes.
Kcal Converter: - I didn't know how to answer his question.
- I am accustomed to staying up late.
- She's asking how that's possible.
- I realize I may not be the most desirable man in the world, but I still hope you'll consider going out with me.
- He is married with two children.
- She told me not to go there alone.
- I fell asleep while listening to the radio.
- We had a pleasant evening.
- It's delicious!
- It depends on the context.
I like playing sports. No, why? She took pity on him. Sure. It's 5:10PM. What subjects do you like the best? I expect to come. Why are you angry with him? Good idea. What are we going to do there? I'm almost done. I have neither time nor money for that.

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